From paper cutters to axes, swords to shovels, the Sharp Brothers sharpen just about everything. Below you'll find a list of prices for our most commonly sharpened items. If you have something you'd like sharpened that isn't listed, Contact Us, we'll let you know if we sharpen it and how much. You'll also find information about our handle replacement service.

Gift Certificates available! Give us a call or send us an email to arrange!


Handle Repair:

Everyone has that old knife sitting around with a perfectly functional blade, and a cracked or broken handle that renders the knife useless. The Sharp Brothers can now offer Handle Repair Services! We’ll remove your old handle scales and replace them with the material of your choice! We can use almost any color G10, Micarta, or Stabilized Hardwood to bring new life to your blade. We can do a smooth, or textured finish, and brass, stainless, or mosaic pins depending on the construction of your knife.


Pricing: Solid Color G10 or Micarta: $60
Layered G10 or Hardwood: $75
Other Materials can be special ordered upon request.

Cost may vary greatly depending on the knife itself and the exact materials used. We will strive to make your knife exactly what you want it to be.


Is your knife not the knife you want it to be? Do you have an 8” Chef’s knife that you’ve wished was a 6” Chef’s knife? Or maybe a Santoku? We can reshape, regrind, or modify your knife to fit exactly what your needs.